Background and Partnerships

About SchoolCare

SchoolCare was founded in 1995 as the New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition by bringing together associations representing public entity management and labor groups in the state. The Coalition was formed in response to issues of providing employee health care, including quality, choice, cost control and service that public entities were facing. Today, more than twenty years later, SchoolCare is still a well-regarded resource for public entities facing these same issues.

SchoolCare was founded in partnership by the below groups:

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education and training for employees and employers to become better informed health consumers with healthier lifestyles, and enable the purchase of quality health care in a cost effective manner.

We Are Unique

SchoolCare is the only health insurance organization in the state with equal representation of labor and management.
SchoolCare’s Membership Council is comprised of employee and employer representatives from each entity covered by the plans. These representatives meet and consider any changes to the plans, review financials and elect the board. With a board of directors comprised equally of employer and employee representation, both sides have an equal voice in decision making.

Efficient, Effective, Quality Coverage.
We only do health insurance - medical and dental. Employee health insurance is one of the most costly line items in a budget. Partnering with Cigna, we offer high quality medical, prescription drug and dental coverage through one carrier. One card, one claim system, one phone call for customer care.

No Guesswork.
We offer firm, fixed rates by December 1. Groups will know prior to budget season, what their rate renewal will be. We do not issue guaranteed maximums or rate indications that may or may not resemble the final rates in May.

At Your Service.
We also act as consultants at no cost to school districts, towns and other public entities that want to review their health insurance options. We're not brokers; we don't make commissions. We can help you examine and evaluate options, from self-funding to purchasing pools, and all the latest buzzwords from value based purchasing to consumer driven health care, as well as providing updates on provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

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