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July 2017

Eight ways to get hooked on exercise
You know that exercise is good for your health. But there’s always an excuse for dodging it – you’re too busy, too tired, or just plain bored with exercise. It’s time for a fresh approach. With a little extra motivation, you can create an exercise routine that you’ll feel good about. Try these tips. [ Read More » ]

June 2017

Shine a light on healthy sun habits
The risk of skin cancer goes up when you spend too much time in the sun. But there’s also a good side to sunshine. A few minutes of sunshine can provide some great health benefits. Being safe in the sun and limiting your exposure is the best way to keep your skin healthy. Here’s a quick list of ways the sun can help and harm your health, so you can find a healthy balance. [ Read More » ]

May 2017

A positive path to mindful living
Mindful living is about living in the moment, slowing down and paying attention to your mind and body. Research suggests that mindful living may help people manage stress, cope better with serious illness, and reduce anxiety and depression. You can incorporate mindfulness into your day – starting today – with these simple tips. [ Read More » ]

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