Good For You! is SCHOOLCARE and your employers' commitment to your health and wellness. SCHOOLCARE has partnered with Viverae, a leading Health Management Provider, to offer best practice, evidence-based, achievable and fun wellness programs.

Why Participate?

Our Good For You! Program is built on three pillars for total well-being:

Understand You: Awareness

Take Action: Education

Stay Active: Physical Activity

Through these pillars you can explore who you are, connect to wellness and HAVE FUN with your colleagues all while earning CASH!

So what are you waiting for?

What's new in Quarter 4?


Quarter 4 Newsletter

Sugar Smasher Challenge

250K Movement

New to the Program? Watch these easy to follow videos to help get you started!

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Webinar on How to Register

Webinar on How to Earn Points

Click here for printable instructions on creating a new Good For You! Account