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Fall 2019

Healthy Connections When You Need It 

An important part of getting the care you need when you need it, is building personal connections. Whether it's for behavioral health, total body wellness or social well-being, there are many resources available to help you build the right connections this season.

Your 24/7 Personal Guide 

Get help understanding your plan, finding appropriate care, earning incentives and more just by connecting with a Cigna representative. Learn more.

Good For You! Coaching for a Healthy Holiday

Fall into Quarter 2 by connecting with a Health Coach to achieve goals! There are many coaching programs available to help you improve your health and receive personalized support at myCigna.

The Connection to Conquer Holiday Stress 

The holidays are right around the corner with the traditions and expectations that come with them. Learn how to stay relaxed this season with your Employee Assistance program! Find out more.

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